Ioannis Theodoridis

Guitarist based in the UK and Sweden

"Sensitive, nuanced account... showing precision and elegance" - Lennox Berkeley Guitar Award 2017

"A natural flow and style" - Classical Guitar Magazine 2017

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Recently awarded the National Scholarship Award from the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, guitarist Ioannis Theodoridis is a graduate from the Master of Performance programme at the Royal College of Music in London as a scholar of the Gålö Foundation and the Helge Ax:son Johnson’s Foundation. In 2016 he won first prize in the Alison Stephens Competition at the Trinity Laban Conservatory where he is studied on an Advanced Diploma programme as a scholar of the Kempe-Carlgrenska Fund, Täby Kommun Award, and the Gålö Foundation. For the latter, he performed at the prestigious Stockholm Concert House in 2016. He is currently doing a Master of Advanced Studies project at CSI in Switzerland, studying with Lorenzo Micheli. Since 2014, Ioannis plays on a Simon Marty Concert Guitar generously funded by the Anders Sandrews Foundation.

He performs extensively with What Guitar Trio which specialises in contemporary music, performing at Wigmore Hall, Barbican Centre and National Portrait Gallery in 2017, and selected for the Internstional Guitar Foundation’s Young Artist Platform. As a soloist he has performed several world premieres, notably by the Argentinean composer Maximo Diego Pujol, premiering his piece Upptango at the 2011 Uppsala Guitar Festival in Sweden which was recorded and broadcast by the Swedish Radio P2. In the UK, he has been broadcast on BBC Radio 3, and his productions have been featured on Classic FM and BBC Radio 3.

In recent years he has organised extensive winter and summer tours in Sweden, including 68 performances in 2014, and over 60 concerts in Greece in 2012 and 2013Since 2015 he organises various recording projects for the FRC Recording Group in London. As a advocate for Alexander Technique and Timani, Ioannis give talks on physiology for guitarists, and his writings on music have also been published in music journals, among them his writings on Lennox Berkeley's guitar music which was published in the Lennox Berkeley Society Journal 2015. In 2017 he was awarded the Lennox Berkeley Guitar Award.


Ioannis' teachers have been Lorenzo Micheli (CSI), Graham Devine (Trinity), Chris Stell, Charles Ramirez, Gary Ryan and Carlos Bonell (RCM), Peter Berlind Carlson (KMH), Bo Hansson (Södra Latin's Gymnasium), and Rasmus Holmgren (Täby Kulturskola). 

He would also like to specially thank the following for their much appreciated support: The Gålö Foundation, the Helge Ax:son Johnson's Foundation, Täby Kommun, the Kempe-Carlgrenska Fund, Larsson and Althainz Fund, E Johnson Fund, M & O Josephsson Fund, the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, and Anders Sandrews Foundation.